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What led me to this work

about my life and my loves

being led by life

My name is Smadar, I was born and raised in Israel, a land with so much “real-world” complexity, interlaced with such profound spiritual conductivity.

About 9 years ago I travelled with my partner for a short visit in Portugal, which has never really ended.. we found ourselves falling in love with the simplicity, naturalness of this landscape and its people, and slowly slowly rooted here, bringing our beautiful  daughter to the world and making our home. 



healing is a journey 

From very early on in life I’ve been fascinated by inner growth and healing.

Over time, my high level of sensitivity has developed from what once seemed to be a burden, into my greatest asset : the ability to deeply listen, recognise light and sense energy in motion. 

For more than a decade, I work with individuals and groups in various settings, all attuned to awakening the life force, generating healing, and restoring our natural pathways of connection. 

from sound to silence

One of my deepest passions is music. voice. sound.

it's the deepest connection to myself and to life, and I love sharing the medicine that moves through my voice as I sing. 
I am currently working on my first professional musical production!
I'd love to share more really soon....!

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