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Get the tools you need

to accelerate your self-healing journey

which path will it be?


A series of super simple exercises that reawaken our natural tremoring mechanism which unloads the body, and gradually frees it from stored tension and trauma. It's revolutionary.

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A a framework I have developed that gives YOU powerful keys that are needed for true growth and grounded spiritual living.

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Check out what's coming:
* TRE courses 
* Sensual Sounding workshop
* From Sound to Silence musical project
and more... 

My work highlights


nervous system restoration

releasing ties and going through bypasses in a most loving and safe space, releasing accumulated stress and tension from the body and nervous system, which opens up new

possibilities and freedom !

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emotional freedom

Maturing in inner relations (you and your emotions),

and outer reactions (staying centered in interactions

and intimate relationships)

I want to support you

In actively listening to YOU

In actually connecting to your inner

strengths and powers

In moving freely with whatever arises -

thought, emotions, fears- all these places

that have until now been your limit-

When seeing them through the eyes of truth

and love, they are recognized as gateways-

as inner passages to the next level of

embodiment of your soul wisdom.

“I cannot begin to thank you enough. Since my sessions with you, everyday life os just so different. I thought that I listened to my intuition before, but now that sense is so much deeper. I am forever grateful.”

Georgina, Loulé

let's begin :)

No upcoming events at the moment

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