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Welcome to TRE 

Tension & Trauma Release Exercise

Open up to a new levels of vitality, relaxation and joy 

TRE = tension & trauma release exercise 

We are used to living a very tense life.
We have all been affected by personal or collective trauma, and tension and stress are deeply entrenched in our day to day living.
It seems Mother Nature had a different intention - we were actually born with an innate self regulating mechanism for releasing stress and tension,
but in our modern cultures we have shut it down, neglected it and forgotten.
As a result, the accumulated tensions are affecting our health and well-being, and our nervous systems are overloaded and overworked.

our body accumulates and remembers,

every experience we went through

every emotion that was too daunting or terrifying to feel to its fullest

stays in our system

it's a LOT of energy to carry

no wonder we are living in such constant stress

the practice

Dr. Steven Berceli, through his extended experience with trauma inflicted populations and following his scientific research has discovered a series of super simple exercises that reawaken our natural tremoring mechanism which unloads the body, and gradually frees it from stored tension and trauma. It's revolutionary.

the benefits of TRE include :

better sleep

improved digestion

increased focus, 
clarity of thought and productivity

less reactivity = more loving awareness

relief from
stress-related pain

More than 5 million people have already been exposed to this revolutionary stress reduction technique !

once you learn it, it's forever yours!

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Learning TRE you will:

*  learn the foundations of the polyvagal theory and the 3 states of our nervous system

* learn various grounding techniques that are super effective for self-regulation

* learn the exercises that Dr. Berceli developed to awaken your natural tremoring mechanism !

* experience your tremor and gain confidence in this natural healing motion

Very meaningful training, in many levels.

Brings deep insights on the emotional paths in the body.

My pelvis and lower back pains improved. 

Smadar, you are a blissful teacher! Thank you 🙏💗

- Sharon

“TRE is a super easy and loving way to let my body release the old and make way for the new.. I am blown away with how deep I can go in my body and release and therefore learn patterns that I was holding to cope with life.. now after quite some sessions in her loving house and at home I have been able to make way more space for the now and be more in my heart"

- Wendy

"I received a natural tool that doesn’t require effort, but a joyous way to feel alive in my body and to support my nervous system to relax deeper and release tension that was stored for decades."

- Michael

leaving you with 3 last notes to consider:


we were never meant to live our lives without it

Especially in these crazy over-stimulated cultures we are currently living…


re-define relaxation

The stress and trauma that have been accumulated in our systems leave us with very little space to relax. and more than that - what we normally call 'relaxed' is usually either still very activated or a numb and deprived state. It's not our fault, the accumulated tensions and trauma are sometimes very tricky to step out of. Tremoring gives us a way to begin to regulate our overworked nervous systems and re-engage with true, relaxed living.
It makes way for life force where survival patterns have taken over .
It opens us to a totally different standard of self-care and relaxed living.


it accelerates and supports any conscious work that you're already doing

TRE is a fantastic accelerator because it lets you touch levels that are normally covered, hiding and in the dark. if you let your body be your healer, it will speed up any conscious self-development and healing work you may already be doing.
Your awareness moves quicker between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your human expression. 

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About me

Certified TRE Provider & self-healing coach

I am a self-healing coach, a TRE provider and a vocal healer. From very early on in life I’ve been fascinated by inner growth and healing. Over time, my high level of sensitivity has developed from what once seemed to be a burden, into my greatest asset : the ability to deeply listen, recognise light and sense energy in motion.  For more than a decade, I work with individuals and groups in various settings, all attuned to awakening the life force, generating healing, and restoring our natural pathways of connection. 

Tips, inspiration and insight on instagram & my telegram channel 

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